Freshers 2017

Have a passion for filming, editing or presenting?

Find yourself needing to capture every moment behind a camera? Or even creating the drama in front of the lens?

RU:ON TV is the society for you!

Find us at your 2017 Fresher’s Fair – just look out for the big banners, cameras, and endless supplies of goodies!


Becoming a member may include:

  • Workshops with camera professionals
  • Access to an array of high tech camera equipment
  • Access to our RU:ON TV editing room, featuring Mac computers and the latest editing software such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop
  • A chance to meet other nervy freshers
  • Merchandise – who doesn’t love a branded hoodie?
  • Collaboration with other media streams such as Junction 11 and The Spark Newspaper
  • Trips to film on location
  • Regular socials (what other society could better record your best fresher moments?)

This year our society is well equipped with a whole new committee, ready to take on a whole new team of enthusiastic producers. Whether you have advanced experience with cameras, or just want a relaxed environment to meet new people, RU:ON TV invites you to join its 2017 crew!